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Studio Album Released 1988

Although it failed to repeat the debut album’s phenomenal commercial success, second album Comedy better meets the promise of Black’s early singles, comprising mainly wry ballads and broadening Black’s appeal. The songwriting is less guarded and more daring here: ‘Let me watch you make love’ is Black’s most intimate recording, and dedicating ‘All we need is the money’ to the people of Liverpool represents Colin’s most overtly political statement on record. Colin described the album as ‘lighter and more lyrical’ than ‘Wonderful life’.

Time Out’s Laura Lee Davies wrote: “Immaculate songs like ‘The Big One’, ‘You’re a big girl now’ and ‘All we need is the money’… melt irresistibly over your heart with the epic charms of a kitsch French movie. There’s no flag waving or duelling guitars here, just the odd blustery crescendo and some Spanish flavouring… Smooth, very smooth.”

Comedy was issued in the US with different tracks, including remixes of ‘Wonderful life’ and ‘Sweetest Smile’. Robin Millar, best known for his work with Sade, shared production duties with Dave Dix.

Comedy delivered chart success across Europe.

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This album is in my top 50 list of all time. You can listen it over and over. I think it is clearly one of the most underrated albums of all time as well.

Highly recommended

If I should have to live with only 3 albums, this one would definitly be part of it!
Already listened a hundred times and still glad to listen again…
Music sometimes bluesy and sad and sometimes joyful and happy is just perfect.
Black voice is just a pure wonder and surprising when reaching higher notes.
Beautiful melodies you want to hear again and again
Each song has its own mood and are well chosen to complete the tracklist.

Thank you so much Colin to share your feelings and talent with us.

PS : Please think about France for a live tour!

I grew up listening to this CD from my father’s collection and years on still love the music.

I wish you would make it down to South Africa one of these days!

I’ve recently revisited this album after a gap of about 20 years and it’s a truly outstanding recording.

Unfortunately, there is one track that I dislike intensely – It’s Not Over Yet – but the remaining tracks are sublime. You’re a Big Girl Now and I Can Laugh About it Now are perfection, while No-one None Nothing and All We Need Is the Money are only a shade behind. Along with another couple of tracks from his early albums – Sweetest Smile and Feel Like Change – I believe these songs are as good as any recorded by anyone from 1987-1991. The combination of strong lyrical songwriting and arrangement with Colin’s warm, soulful and wistful voice is timeless.

I’ve been listening to Comedy a lot since I heard the sad news of Colin’s passing. His voice is utterly transporting on this fabulous, moving record that anyone’s life would be improved by owning. Thanks and goodbye Colin. I’ll miss your songs and voice.

Words fail me! i just discovered that Colin has passed. His voice will live on and is a huge part of the soundtrack of my life. Thanks for all the years of really rich, beautiful music will will never stop being played in my head.

This album is a work of genius. Every track flows and works. Such and underrated piece of Work and I’ve lost my copy Any suggestions greatly appreciate

One of my all time albums. Mediterranean sounding. Folkish. A bit of Cohen. Nothing can touch this. Not even in 2021. RIP Colin. Miss your melancholic voice.

I just listened to Comedy , when it came out i was 20 years old ,military service and first love …. this album always touches me enormously with these lyrical flights full of violins and love and heart , thank you ,colin , Patrick

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