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Studio album released 1991

Black’s eponymous album divided critics, but is described as the best Black album by the Rough Guide to Music, particularly for its ‘top notch arrangements’. Lyrically, the album is Black’s most optimistic. ‘Feel like change’ addresses the frustration of powerlessness with the optimism that one man can make a difference; ‘Fly up to the moon’ is an upbeat musical daydream; and ‘Sweet breath of your rapture’ and ‘She’s my best friend’ are joyful love songs.

The album featured backing vocals by Sam Brown, Robert Palmer and Camilla Griehsel-Vearncombe, who would later guest on ‘Water on Snow’ as ‘Lady Black’.

This was to be the final album for major label A&M. “A difference of opinion developed between Black and A&M over the choice of the first single,” Colin wrote to fans in 1992. A&M lobbied for ‘Here it comes again’ while CV preferred ‘Feel like change’. CV’s choice was released to some success, particularly in South Africa. After what Colin described as ‘two to three years arguing with A&M about everything’, Colin parted company with the major label.

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Totally agree.
I have been constantly listening to these 2 songs since 1998 without getting tired. In their refined composition these two masterpieces have a depth rarely found in contemporary music.

I like very much both songs, I can’t understand why both singles have not been bigger hits, especially in the UK, and it’s a shame they have been unnoticed in France.

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