As well as making music Colin found that art was another outlet for his creativity. His work was exhibited in galleries. A limited number of signed prints are available for purchase direct from this website – click on the thumbnails to find out more.

The remaining signed prints are being priced dynamically. That means that when there are 5 or more left they will cost £500 each but when more sell the price will increase. This reflects the fact that there is a finite supply – when they are gone, they are gone.

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Artwork by Dannyink

‘This Is Life’ is a triptych created in commemoration of Colin which focuses on the fleeting nature of time and life.

Colin Triptych

Colin was a friend and colleague of mine. ‘This Is Life’ offers my reflection on Colin’s recording career and insightful lyrics – particularly as some of Colin’s most poignant lyrics were about life, some prophetically so.

For more information visit Danny’s website.