Colin Vearncombe 26/5/1962 – 26/1/2016

You’ll never walk alone.

Colin Vearncombe

Colin Vearncombe 26/5/1962 – 26/1/2016

You’ll never walk alone.

We’re deeply saddened to announce the death of Colin Vearncombe (aka Black) earlier today, Tuesday 26th January 2016. Colin never regained consciousness following a road traffic accident sixteen days ago. He died peacefully surrounded by his family who were singing him on his way.

His wife Camilla and his three sons paid tribute to the staff at the Intensive Treatment Unit of Cork University Hospital saying; “Colin received the best possible care from the expert and highly professional staff there and we are deeply grateful for everything they did”.

The funeral will be a private one, but we will be holding a memorial service for him in Liverpool in the near future as we know there are many, many people who will want to celebrate Colin’s life and work. The date and time will be announced in due course, along with details of a charity to which any donations in memory of Colin can be made.

No need to laugh or cry
It’s a wonderful, wonderful life

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I just heard “It’s a Wonderful Life” on YouTube, quite by accident. I went to find where to buy this wonderful music when I cam across news of his tragic death. His loved ones and all he has touched have my deepest condolences. From what little I’ve read and listening to more of his music (which I intend to buy), he must have truly been a beautiful man. Please trust in God that he is good, whatever, wherever, whenever, why-ever, or any kind of ever he is. God bless all of you !!!

May you read these words, Colin, wherever you are…

Do you remember this little french guy that sent you words of encouragement, many years ago ? I told you then how I believed that success was a cyclical notion, and that I was persuaded, in the beginning of this new century, that time was the best judge, and that talent was always winning in the end, when fashions fade away ?

And you answered me (!), as a proof of your infinite kindness, and gave a little bit of your time for me (how many artists do that for their fans today, with such generosity and sincerity ?).

Then I gave you some advices to discover Gainsbourg’s work, because you wanted to, and sent you audio cassettes of some of my favourites french singers, as Jean-Louis Murat… You were so opened to culture, to others, always ready to share, to discover… La classe suprême. La marque des plus grands.
You have no idea how much I will miss you. As for Bowie, another giant gone too soon, I choose to keep the best and, if hearing your wonderful, wonderful voice will evidently never be the same now, continue to thrill at the sound of jewels like “Paradise”, “Hey Presto”, “I Can Laugh About It Now”, “You’re A Big Girl Now”, “All We Need Is The Money”, the magnificent “Paradise Lost”, “Too Many Times”, “Listen”, “Fly Up To The Moon”, “This Is Life” (this one particularly sounds so different now…), “Water On Snow”, “Alive”, etc… without forgetting the intemporal “Wonderful Life”, of course.

Continue to thrill, and to cry sometimes… but not for my sorrow about your leaving, but simply for the beauty of your music and your voice, so deep and so sweet.

I will try to.

Because I know that you wouldn’t have appreciated that those tears were only here because you passed away, and only for causing pain and sorrow to me, to us all, just by hearing the sound of your voice… You’d surely prefer to see us all thrilling, and eventually crying, just because of the beauty of your songs, just for the magnificence of your art.

So I will try to, just to please you.

But I can’t tell you with certitude that I will succeed…

Wherever you are, I want to be there too in my time of leaving.
Because “Paradise’s not Lost”.

Many thoughts & kisses to Camilla & the boys (your husband & father wasn’t just a great artist, but also a great man).

That’s just goodbye, not farewell, genius.


I will never forget when I heard the Beautiful Life song for the first time in 1988. I was only 12 and it was exactly six months after my beloved dad passed away. I was on holiday with my mum and younger sister. There was a disco for youngsters under 17 and this amazing song was played. A young boy asked me to dance with him. English is not my native language but I understood words Wonderful life. I will never forget this dance, a very innocent dance but my first one with a boy. I missed my dad so much and thought to myself: is the life wonderful or not? How can it be wonderful without my dad who I missed so much? The music took me away to a different atmosphere. It was almost spiritual experience. I was a child missing my dad but awaiting unknown future. And yes, life is not easy but it is wonderful indeed.

One year today since you left us…
I can imagine you writing and performing songs
up there supported by the choir of angels..
You will always be missed, never forgotten.
Rest in Peace.

I heard the news of death a year later and I was very sad .. beautiful people like songs .. Greetings from Turkey ..

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