B2C – Baby Come Out of the Rain

As part of our album of the month feature, we look at the opening track from Between Two Churches.

The first track we are going to focus on, as part of our look back at Between Two Churches is the album opener – Come out of the Rain

CV recalls:
Come Out of the Rain – Written in a frenzy of writing passion with Gary Clark formerly of Danny Wilson……..one of the great ‘lost’ voices (he rarely performs live now,living and working mostly in the USA) and a constant inspiration to me (the man is just TOO capable)……..recorded quickly i remember…..we laughed until we fell off our chairs at the magisterially stupid solo Calum does in the centre section!!!! Calum knows when to show off and when not to…..this was perfect.
Here’s a live version from the 2007 tour alongside The Christians:

And just as an added extra, here’s a couple of unused shots from the album artwork photoshoot. (taken by John Warwicker):
Between Two Churches Unused shot
Between Two Churches Unused shot
Stay tuned for more insights from CV, unused shots from the album photo shoot and live versions of the tracks.
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