Ashes of Angels single

The first single from the new album Blind Faith will be the track Ashes of Angels. 

The reaction to the album so far has been great with comments such as:

“Black/Colin Vearncombe has made yet another great album”
“His voice has never sounded better, the songs are wonderful.”
“beautiful and spellbinding melodies”
“this album is his best work since 2001’s ‘The Accused'”
” ‘Blind Faith’ sounds like sunlight filtering down through the trees.”
“Everything here is finely crafted


The video for the track is available now on YouTube – and can be seen below or on YouTube here:

And can be streamed from Soundcloud here:

Keep an eye on the site for information on how you can get a hold of a copy of the Ashes of Angels single.

4 comments on “Ashes of Angels single”

Love the single! can hear it on the radio now and everywhere! Such a great choice…loving the album…thankyou…

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