Blind Faith

Blind Faith

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13 track album released 13th April 2015

Blind Faith was funded by a Pledge Music campaign that reached 240% of the original target figure.

Blind Faith made this record: belief that we could raise enough from the fans to seriously help the project along at a quicker pace than we’ve been able to in the last few releases; belief that perhaps I needed to step back a little and allow some unexpected things to surface that otherwise wouldn’t; and to believe without evidence, the belief being simply choice.

First up I wanted to break my mould so I approached Calum MacColl. We’ve known each other for some time and I had noticed that he always improves a song I bring him. Secondly I had been missing using a full team while making the record. Producer Calum Malcolm was hired to steer the ship.  Now we only need faith in him steering us to the place we want to go to. Are we all reading from the same page? Think so…



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Album credits

Colin Vearncombe: vocals
Calum MacColl: guitars, flat thing, additional programming, backing vocals
Liam Bradley: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Mikey Rowe: keyboards
Simon Edwards: bass guitar

String arrangement and extra piano on Good Liar, arrangement & piano on Sunflower: Calum Malcolm
String arrangements on Love ShowWhen It’s Over & Womanly Panther: Ian Stephens
Strings Fixer: Robert McFall

Violins: Laura Comini, Robert McFall and Sijie Chen
Violas: Mark Braithwaite, Rachel Smith and Stephen A King
Cellos: Donald Dillan, Su-a Lee

Recorded and produced by Calum Malcolm
Recorded at Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, Voom! Studio in New Malden, North Berwick and Studio Moricone, Italy
Strings Recorded at Edinburgh Napier University Music Department

All songs written by Calum MacColl and Colin Vearncombe
Colin Vearncombe published by Hornall Brothers Music Ltd
Management Kerry Harvey-Piper at Red Grape Music Ltd

Cover photos by Gisli Snaer
Booklet photos by Andy Patterson and Kerry Harvey-Piper
Artwork concept by Colin Vearncombe
Design and layout by Kitty MacColl at BarkingCat

℗ and © Nero Schwarz 2015.

10 comments on “Blind Faith”

It’s been a long time since I didn’t hear such a perfect album!!!
I’m a music fan, but new music from the other favorite artists can’t touch me these days!!!
Thanks for your music!!!

A superb body of work, not one average song amongst the lot and I love the way the album flows and that no filler has been added to any of the songs

It’s also exceptionally well produced and mixed with CV’s vocals given the chance to shine.

This is arguably as good as ‘Black’ and that is going some as that is a masterpiece in it’s own right. Well done Mr V, look forward to more in the future to which I’ll happily pledge again. :)

Fantastic album, thank you so much!

Great songs and very well produced by Calum Malcolm (The Blue Nile, It’s Immaterial etc.).

beautiful album . I heard all the songs. Thanks for the production .Many Happy Returns of the day for 26.5.2015 .May you live for 100 years at least to produce good music for your fans.

Loved this artist since the late 80’s.

Just sampling some of these new songs brings back the old appreciation of a wonderful and gifted artist.
Heading to iTunes to buy it right now…


I have followed Black (Colin) since his debut album wonderful life.
This I feel is his best work in a number of years a polished well balanced album.
It’s heart renching to come to terms that his best work is now his last work.
RIP dearest Colin may your music live on in all of us..
Frank Hughes

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