Tour Diary – Run of 6 – Glasgow to Bristol

6 Nights in a row – on tour from Glasgow to Bristol.

Glasgow – Woodend Club – 17th April 2013

Tonight’s venue – The Woodend in Glasgow – a bowling and badminton club in the Jordanhill area of the city. An interesting venue – the dressing rooms being shared space with the changing rooms for the club….which led to some curious meetings, sights and smells in the run up to the gig….!

As Colin tweeted afterwards:

Rather unusual venue fr glasgow gig last nght turnd out fine for sellout crowd, Well refreshd but listening audience rapturously enjoyd 1hr 45 set – PS I know cause they all told me aftrwrds!

Manchester – Night and Day Cafe – 18th April 2013

Enroute from Glasgow, we stopped in at BBC Liverpool to record an interview and a couple of tunes for Dave Monks. And from there – onto Manchester and the Night and Day Cafe.

St Helens – The Citadel – 19th April 2013

A great night at the Citadel – as Colin recounts:

after the spring sun in glasgow and hailstones in manchester we’re back in sunshine in liverpool….huh?A near full house and great  sound means we happened on stage pretty much as we intend to….audience  enjoyed themselves big time (they told me afterwards!)

Great to meet a bunch of old school mates i haven’t seen in 32years in the bar.Sorry for it to be so ‘hi’ and ‘bye’!
Thanks to the staff of the Citadel running such a cool wee place the way they do.

Next stop Nottingham

We also had a bit of help at the mech stall from this fella – which seemed to help things!
St Helens merch sales
Here’s a clip of Diamonds are Forever – with thanks to Andrew Hurley and YouTube!

Nottingham – the Bodega Social Club – 20th April 2013

After a few nights decamped in Liverpool – the team heads south for Nottingham.
This was an odd one, as the Bodega turns into a club at a certain hour, so there was an early set time, and then hence an early finish….pre-empted by the load in of the sound system for the next gig… the mech’ stall got pushed back to the edge of the room, and space and time for chatting after the gig was fast diminished, which was a great shame. We also managed to play a contortionistic game of ‘Musician jigsaw’  in the bijou dressing room.
Thanks to Huw for putting us up.

Cheltenham/Bishops Cleeve – The Tithe Barn – 21st April 2013

A beautiful venue – the Tithe Barn – and a busy night all round.
Thanks to the guys from for putting on the show. Independent promoters are a very important part of the live music scene.

Bristol – The Thekla – 22nd April 2013

A busy day. Andy joined us just in time at Songs from the Shed – where both CV and Liz Lawrence played a few songs in the shed for the camera. We also bumped into folk singer Bob Fox, who was arriving to perform in the shed.
At this point the party split, with the main party heading off to the gig to begin the load in, and Andy and CV headed off to Whiteladies Road and the BBC for a chat with Laura Rawlings on the afternoon show.
CV at BBC Bristol
CV and Laura Rawlings
An interview and song later and we also headed for the venue.
The Thekla is a moored boat on the dock in Bristol – with authentic Banksy artwork on the hull. More info on it here:
There can’t be many load ins that involve a gangplank, but we sure walked it tonight.
Then – a drive back along the M4 after the gig.
Tuesday sees a day off – which is nice, and well-needed!
Here’s a message from CV ahead of the London gig.

last gig of tour tonight and all augurs well.Great gig in bishops cleeve cheltenham showed what people power can achieve….thx ian and alex forevrything.Thx also to those braved the chill bleakness that was mon night in bristol and made it in its own way memorable.
For those unable to make any of these shows don’t forget tomorrow night’s live stream Black soiree…..bottle of wine and a clutch of quiet tunes as i undergo decompression (for such is the is the adjustment back to ‘normal’ life!)……1900hrs GMT
onwards and upwards

Next stop London – and the great Bush Hall……!

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Would love to see you at the Darwen Library Theatre in Darwen near Blackburn Lancs.
A well good intimate place to play.
Keep up the good work Man.

Would be good to see you and Al Stewart on stage together.

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