New Album Pledge Campaign Update

An update on the latest happenings from the Pledge Campaign.

The New Album Pledge Campaign is now up to an astounding 179%!

Thanks to all of you who have already pledged.  The first batch of recording has now taken place – with Colin joining producer Calum Malcolm, guitarist Calum MacColl, drummer Liam Bradley, bass player Simon Edwards and keyboards maestro Mikey Rowe for a week in the Welsh countryside at the world famous Rockfield Studios.

There is a video update from CV on Plegde now – which introduces the team. The full video is available to pledgers to the campaign.

Sign in to Pledge to see it in full.

We have now sold out of:

Handwritten and signed lyric sheet

Signed 7inch Vinyl Singles collection

We have one space for the album preview evening which has just become available.

There are plenty of other exclusives still available, from just buying a download of the album for £8, to exclusive Wonderful Life T-Shirts for £30,  getting your name in the credits for £50 and even the chance to own Colin’s first guitar for £1000. There are also pieces of Colin’s artwork available.

For the ultimate pledge – you can have Colin write a song for you. He spoke about how this would work in this video:

All pledgers get access to all updates – which are exclusive to the campaign – and won’t be made available anywhere else.

To be a part of the team, and help to make the new Black album – pledge here:

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