Water On Stone

Water on Stone

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A Black album – November 2009

There is no mercy in these songs – no flabby new-age lame excuses. Forgiveness is real and hard or not at all.

Released in November 2009. Water on Stone marked the first release under the Black name since Between 2 Churches.

A number of the tracks were made available for download before the album was released.

This release is the first time the original recordings have been released on CD alongside a DVD of all eight of the films.


A series of films, starring Colin, was made to accompany the album – one film for each song on the album:



Words & music by Colin Vearncombe.
© 2009 Colin Vearncombe. Published by Hornall Brothers Music – except Walk On Frozen Water, words by Colin Vearncombe, music by Colin Vearncombe and Graham Henderson.

© 2009 published by Hornall Brothers Music/Copyright Control.

Album Produced by CV and Andy Patterson.

Recorded by Dan Hulme, David Wrench and Andy Patterson. Mixed by Rafe McKenna and Andy Patterson.

One comment on “Water On Stone”

What an amazing album! At the moment my favourite one. It has a huge depth, lots of melancholy, some beautiful sadness and an outstanding instrumentation – the best of all Black/CV albums. With its Tex-Mex-, “desert”- and Latin-vibes and the great arrangements it sounds like an exceptional mixture between Calexico/Giant Sand & Daniel Lanois & Leonard Cohen [“I Hate You (Don’t Leave)] but distinct! The one thing which makes the difference is Colin’s beautiful voice. I know it’s very subjective but I’m hooked on it. Take some time and listen to it carefully. A timeless legacy!

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