Water On Stone

Water on Stone

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A Black album – November 2009

There is no mercy in these songs – no flabby new-age lame excuses. Forgiveness is real and hard or not at all.

Released in November 2009. Water on Stone marked the first release under the Black name since Between 2 Churches.

A number of the tracks were made available for download before the album was released.

This release is the first time the original recordings have been released on CD alongside a DVD of all eight of the films.

Read ‘Water on Stone & The Given – Essay No. 9 in the series The Music of Black (Colin Vearncombe)’ here.


A series of films, starring Colin, was made to accompany the album – one film for each song on the album:



Words & music by Colin Vearncombe.
© 2009 Colin Vearncombe. Published by Hornall Brothers Music – except Walk On Frozen Water, words by Colin Vearncombe, music by Colin Vearncombe and Graham Henderson.

© 2009 published by Hornall Brothers Music/Copyright Control.

Album Produced by CV and Andy Patterson.

Recorded by Dan Hulme, David Wrench and Andy Patterson. Mixed by Rafe McKenna and Andy Patterson.

4 comments on “Water On Stone”

What an amazing album! At the moment my favourite one. It has a huge depth, lots of melancholy, some beautiful sadness and an outstanding instrumentation – the best of all Black/CV albums. With its Tex-Mex-, “desert”- and Latin-vibes and the great arrangements it sounds like an exceptional mixture between Calexico/Giant Sand & Daniel Lanois & Leonard Cohen [“I Hate You (Don’t Leave)] but distinct! The one thing which makes the difference is Colin’s beautiful voice. I know it’s very subjective but I’m hooked on it. Take some time and listen to it carefully. A timeless legacy!

Water on Stone, in my opinion, is a jewel among jewels, never has a single album given me so much diversity of feelings and sound, visual and imaginative sensations … everything is so neat; mature sounds that seem to speak, while Colin draws his best voice from his soul.

It’s, Black in Wonderful Colors.

tnks Black, tnks Colin.
Juan Pablo – Santiago de Chile.

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