Live at the Bassline, Johannesburg

Live at the Bassline

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Recorded live at the Bassline in Johannesburg in 2001

Featuring Lady Black along with Concorde Nkabinde on bass guitar & Barry Van Zyl on drums.

Despite saying that touring solo and acoustic terrified him, Colin played extensive acoustic gigs around 1999-2002.

There’s nothing to hide behind. But the upside is that people can hear things more clearly. I’ve heard people laughing at the funny lines because they could hear the words for the first time. I’ve never had that before.


In September 2001, Colin played three nights at the Bassline in Johannesburg, accompanied by Concord Nkabinde on bass and vocals, Barry van Zyl on drums and Lady Black on additional vocals. This CD captures Colin’s new acoustic concert sound, placing classic early album tracks like Everything is coming up roses and You’re a big girl now against more recent releases Better letting go and Alive. It captures the spirit of the concerts, with an enthusiastic audience cheering the songs as they get going and Sweetest Smile finishing in a thrashy acoustic guitar solo with Colin yelping over the top. Is Colin having fun yet? It sounds like it.

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