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Everyone at Black HQ has been devastated by what happened in January. We had so many plans for 2016 and were looking forward to more live shows with several bookings already confirmed, writing trips had been arranged, new recordings planned, and we had new ideas for the back catalogue and the poetry books. It was going to be a busy year. It still is, but not in the way we expected.

It’s hard for us to comprehend and accept the new reality but we are all fiercely motivated to work to build a global awareness of Colin’s life-work and celebrate his legacy. In the midst of our grief we have been talking and making new plans and modifying existing ones. We will be re-packaging and re-promoting some of the back-catalogue, there will be new vinyl releases, we’re working on getting a tribute album together and, eventually, a tribute concert, we’re doing more fund-raising for Bru Columbanus and talking about setting up a music bursary in Colin’s name. We’re going to publish a version of Colin’s first poetry book that he narrated late last year and we’re talking about expanding the remit of Nero Schwarz, Colin’s record label, to encompass more recordings by artists he’d made strong connections with in West Cork.

Some of this will be charity-based, some of it will be commercial and all of it will require you, Colin’s dedicated fans, to help spread the word. We will obviously try to get mainstream media attention, but we cannot rely on that so you can help to raise the profile of what we’re doing by re-posting, sharing and re-tweeting our posts. We know you loved Colin and his music, now we want the world to know more about him and his work.

We’ll update you via this blog. If you haven’t already, please join the mailing list so we can send you specific information to relay to your social networks. The first project will be taking ‘When it’s Over’ back to radio in the UK to see if we can make people more aware of Blind Faith. More on that in the next Black HQ update.

Thank you.

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It’s also hard for me to accept the death of Colin Vearncombe, a beautiful artist… gone too soon… Bravo for all you do and you’re going to do about him and his work. I’m really looking forward the opportunity of listenning to the new releases and reading the version of Colin’s poetry book. Sorry for my English, but i do my best :-).

Fortunately, real artists never die. It will be a privilege to help promote this enormous legacy Colin left behind. Really looking forward to all that comes next.

100% behind everything you do to promote the legacy that is Colin’s catalogue which I agree should gain more exposure.

The music bursary idea is an excellent one. I have a daughter who is studying song writing and performance and a son who is studying music technology. I would love to hear more about this.

Finally, is there any unreleased material that can be released? I also like the idea of popular artists recording Colin’s songs to get his tunes out to the masses.

Keep up the excellent work in Colin’s memory. Still can’t believe he is no longer with us

Bravo for this initiative.

Let’s all take Colin’s spirit and music to a wider audience and use his legacy to support new and upcoming artists. Although he has gone we have the rare ability to hear his unique voice and emotions through his songs and his thoughts and feelings through is poems. I am sure those who loved and respected Colin, like me will spread the word and build on his good work and on his name.

This is not the end – it is just the start!

Great news, even though I would have given anything for an update from Colin himself. This is life, we need to advance given the current situation.

The world wide Colin tribe is at your side and dedicated to spread the Love inspired by Colin’s music. He’s right here in the middle of us, singing us along.

I enjoy actively sharing his music with new people and do so successfully.

Love & hugs to all.


Thank you so much for this post, an update and your great work on promoting Colin’s legacy. I love all the ideas!

I will be more than happy to help in spreading the word or supporting you in any other way if possible.

Colin and his work should never be forgotten.

I still can’t believe he is no longer with us…


Hey!, COLIN is now in Colors.

His music revives, comforts, inspires, his music makes Us happy, his music in colors.


@_jpgo ♡

Like you can not cope and accept that our Colin has left this earthly plane, four months and will be met and it hurts
This post with continuous updates will make the this more present than ever … thank you very much for staying with his legacy from this Chilenas land to be supporting each publication, follow their path to success and this as alive as ever !!!
Cecilia R.

Thank you so much for the update! Like everyone else, I still find it hard to accept that Colin’s no longer around, but this is at least something to look forward to. Great ideas! And I’m just hugely relieved that you don’t seem to be planning on shutting this website down any time soon. ;-) It’s still nice to have a place to turn to and meet others who are just as determined to make his legacy live on. Love from Germany, Katharina

Le descubrí demasiado tarde, pero es y será decisivo en mi historia. Gracias desde Madrid (España). Mis oraciones están con él y con vosotros. Carmen

Today an angel birthday in heaven
in Happy Birthday !!
Black aka Colin Vearncombe

I flying through the sky with your flight today these and where you are at this moment my dear Colin Vearncombe recive my greeting for your birthday …… that angels enjoy your music … Happy Birthday from this corner of the earth will keep this in my mind and heart forever
that angels enjoy your music!!
Cecilia Romero

May you read these words, Colin, wherever you are…

Do you remember this little french guy that sent you words of encouragement, many years ago ? I told you then how I believed that success was a cyclical notion, and that I was persuaded, in the beginning of this new century, that time was the best judge, and that talent was always winning in the end, when fashions fade away ?

And you answered me (!), as a proof of your infinite kindness, and gave a little bit of your time for me (how many artists do that for their fans today, with such generosity and sincerity ?).

Then I gave you some advices to discover Gainsbourg’s work, because you wanted to, and sent you audio cassettes of some of my favourites french singers, as Jean-Louis Murat… You were so opened to culture, to others, always ready to share, to discover… La classe suprême. La marque des plus grands.
You have no idea how much I will miss you. As for Bowie, another giant gone too soon, I choose to keep the best and, if hearing your wonderful, wonderful voice will evidently never be the same now, continue to thrill at the sound of jewels like “Paradise”, “Hey Presto”, “I Can Laugh About It Now”, “You’re A Big Girl Now”, “All We Need Is The Money”, the magnificent “Paradise Lost”, “Too Many Times”, “Listen”, “Fly Up To The Moon”, “This Is Life” (this one particularly sounds so different now…), “Water On Snow”, “Alive”, etc… without forgetting the intemporal “Wonderful Life”, of course.

Continue to thrill, and to cry sometimes… but not for my sorrow about your leaving, but simply for the beauty of your music and your voice, so deep and so sweet.

I will try to.

Because I know that you wouldn’t have appreciated that those tears were only here because you passed away, and only for causing pain and sorrow to me, to us all, just by hearing the sound of your voice… You’d surely prefer to see us all thrilling, and eventually crying, just because of the beauty of your songs, just for the magnificence of your art.

So I will try to, just to please you.

But I can’t tell you with certitude that I will succeed…

Wherever you are, I want to be there too in my time of leaving.
Because “Paradise’s not Lost”.

Many thoughts & kisses to Camilla & the boys (your husband & father wasn’t just a great artist, but also a great man).

That’s just goodbye, not farewell, genius.


Your music is vibrant..touching…alive….so we must keep on playing..singing despite your painful absence…feel it hard again to think what happened at this beginning of the year…but for your memory…your Art legacy…we don’t feel down…you gave us so good memories on your music..during your gigs…you gave us more..your friendship through kind words..advices or just a gesture..i will feel always your hand in my back to reassure me when i showed you my drawing portrait…& your little wave from Paris to me…you always gave me listening and smile that’s why i always trust in your you.

For the future..i will keep on sharing & breathing your lovely songs…Love you Colin & grateful thank you to your familly & Black team who keep on working..making alive your Art legacy..Merci.

Hey!, COLIN is now in Colors.

His music revives, comforts, inspires, his music makes Us happy, his music in colors.


@_jpgo ♡

Good to hear that work is being done to further Colin’s legacy. Some previously unheard music would do much towards healing from this tragedy.

I still cannot make sense of Colin’s death.

I love the idea of continuing Colin’s work. Thanks to those involved in the project. I will help spread the word. Colin deserves it.

Rest in Peace Colin. You will always be remembered and in our heart.

First time I watched “wonderful life” on British music program ‘ChartAttack’ in Dubai, when i was in high school.



If a person has to leave this planet, then there usually is not much left. There are memories, maybe physical “things” to remind relatives and friends but not much more. When relatives and friends die, this person finally dies too.
Colin has given us so much more, he has created music that will continue to exist!
Therefore, thanks to everybody involved here who will continue to keep Colin’s music alive!

missing you so much…were talking about rising of Phoenix, never thought that, that rising was going to be like this. But someway you are still with us and will be so, as long as we breath…
I will never use past tense… as talking and thinking about you, and even missing you,gonna never use past tenses, ’cause you can not be a part of past tenses
you ARE always unique as “who you are”
see you my friend, somewhere and sometime, anywhere and anytime… see you….

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