Abbey Road Live


While critics and fans have always commended the attention given to arrangements and production on Black albums, this all-acoustic album gave Colin a chance to strip the songs to the bone. Colin, a guitar and Lady Black entered Abbey Road studios in November 1999 to re-record back catalogue hits and new songs ‘Alive’ and ‘I’ll give you something to cry about’. The resulting CD reflected Colin’s recent solo tours, where he had performed old and new songs acoustically.

“I wish I had forced myself to do solo shows a lot earlier,” said Colin. “Having done it, what you get immediately is a sense of where the dead spots are in a song. You can sing a line and get an immediate response, so you know when you’ve made your point and can move on.”

The album was the first of many to be sold exclusively through

Now available as part of our Blackatalog reissue and as downloads from Apple Music and the Nero Schwarz Download Store.

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