Black is the Colour of Hope

To mark the first anniversary of Colin’s death we’d like to share ‘Black is the Colour of Hope’, a beautiful song that Colin had started work on the melody with Chris McDonald and Rod da Rosa towards the end of 2015. Chris and Rod finished the song after Colin died, so we invited them to perform it at the memorial service last year.

Here’s the video of that emotionally charged performance. Chris and Rod have generously agreed to let us make the recording available on Bandcamp and downloadable for a small donation.

All proceeds will go to Brú Columbanus, the charity that Colin’s family chose to support as they provide incredible support to families of those who are in crisis in Cork’s hospitals.

We are all striving to transform our grief over Colin’s passing into love and gratitude for his life and music. In our process of letting go of the darkness and turning towards beauty and light, his songs are our daily companions and strength. Please share.

More about Chris and Rod here:

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Colin Mate, I miss you. I once told you ‘Your Music is the footnote to my life’, it still is. Any Colour You Like is playing now and it takes me to a place I like, your music will always do that for me. Love and X’s. Andy Beesley

My prayers and condolences go out to the family of Colin Vearncombe very very devastated to hear the news I guess he is living the Wonderful Wonderful Life in the heavens of Almighty Lord Jesus Christ
Missing you loving you dearly


After the loss of our son at the age of 22.
A friend told us, ”How you feel now is how you will feel for the rest of your life, But with time it will become easier to accept”
We have found this to be true for us.
We hope this is true for the family and friends of Colin.
Derek and Jean Shaw.

I only really discovered the wonderful magic of Colin’s music quite recently. Since then i have collected all his albums and have so often felt truly sad and so sorry about his passing, whenever i hear them. What a lovely voice and such beautiful heartfelt songs. Colin will never really be gone while people continue to love and enjoy his music.

Your music will live on forever and a day. I’m so sad, but I have great memories and thank you so much for your talent.

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